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Reducing and controlling costs, improving performance, accessing new skills, coping with change and new standards and procedures, in order to focus on your core business ... so many expectations for which your company is seeking an appropriate solution. Are you looking for an expert to manage your accounts and your human resources?

Outsourcing in Madagascar Outsourcing in Madagascar is the solution you are looking for. Whether you are starting up, expanding or restructuring, give us all or part of your accounting business or human resource management, EQUATION can assist you with the best quality service


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A human resource management recruiting and outsourcing company, EQUATION assists all activities related to :

  • Administrative staff management
  • Payroll process management
  • Recruiting
  • Seconding staff
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ISO 9001 -2015 certified outsourcing services

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Reference tools to offer you the best services: SAGE, QUADRATUS, PRIMOGED (Electronic Data Management)

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Our BPO Offshore services give you the opportunity of outsourcing in Madagascar

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