Accueil ACCOUNTANCY Our strengths





  • A structure entirely dedicated to outsourced accounting: by profession, QUALEX guarantees the quality of its work. It has mastered new technologies and has a service culture.
  • Sharing a common policy between our team and the client, thus enabling the former to be heavily involved in running your business
  • Strict deadlines
  • Software and methods dedicated to accounts outsourcing
  • A team familiar with proper accountancy and regularly trained in new accounting standards. To meet the needs of our international clients, our teams are also trained in French accountancy and led by a Manager who graduated in Accountancy in France.
  • Responsiveness to demand and our flexible deals.
  • Proximity: QUALEX is headquartered in Antananarivo Madagascar. Via the FTHM Group, it is also represented in Paris, Port-Louis, Moroni and Tamatave.