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Why outsource your accounts?


The decision to outsource accounts management may result from a strategy of focusing the company's strengths on its core business.
Accountancy is not your company's core business? But it is indispensable for your business to run properly and can’t be eliminated.

The purpose of outsourcing accounts is to refocus the accounting function by entrusting it to an outside provider. Given complex accounting standards and rules, and the very nature of codified, standardized accounting functions, it is necessary to build up one’s core business. Economic fluctuations make it preferable to convert fixed costs into variables and outsourcing is a new management style that meets this requirement.

Successfully accomplishing your main task, which ensures turnover with sound accountability, requires time, resources and above all accounting expertise that all businesses do not necessarily have. Faced with significant growth in fluctuating business activity, or changes in your business environment, changes in the accounting function require increased specialization in accountantcy and require a structure fully dedicated to this activity.

Outsourcing it then becomes a strategy choice for the company :


  • Refocusing on its core business: this means the company focusing on a certain number of activities, and giving up or transferring risky or unprofitable business. The company will then outsource its accounts management which is not defined as strategic.
  • Keeping up with technological developments
  • Simplifying its structures and having more flexibility
  • Having more successful human resources
  • Controlling costs